ESOS Phase 2

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

ESOS is a government-led energy assessment scheme managed by the Environment Agency. It is mandatory for all UK organisations that are deemed to be a “large undertaking”.

The Government website defines a large undertaking as an organisation that carries out a trade or business which, on 31 December 2018, either:

  • employs at least 250 people
  • employs less than 250 people but has an annual turnover in excess of 50 million euro, and an annual balance sheet in excess of 43 million euro

If your business qualifies for ESOS yet you are fully covered by ISO 50001, you don’t need to carry out an ESOS audit. You simply need to notify the Environment Agency that you are ESOS-compliant. If you’re not covered by ISO 50001, you will need to carry out an assessment.

Utilitas can guide you through the assessment process and provide a clear and achievable roadmap for compliance. And rather than treating the process as a compliance exercise, we view it as an opportunity to improve your energy efficiency, reduce consumption and minimise costs, and also to make future ESOS assessments a mere formality.

Utilitas have maintained a 100% compliance, as you would expect. However more importantly than that our assessments have frequently identified areas of savings so large as to more than pay for the assessment. Which after all is the aim of this efficiency drive but that does seem to have been over looked in favour of just avoiding the fine.

To discover how Utilitas can help your business reduce costs and remain ESOS compliant, get in touch today and whilst still in 2018 we find that better quality Lead Assessors is a lot easier than it will be next year.