Water audit and procurement services

Since 1st April 2017 the commercial water market has been deregulated, allowing business customers to use the water supplier of their choice. Suppliers are now able to set their own retail charges, meaning that a change in provider could lead to reductions on your business water bills. However, until the market fully deregulates, the wholesale price of water is fixed, so switching suppliers can seem like a lot of work for a small reward.

So, what is the incentive to switch in the meantime, and how can Utilitas help?

We pride ourselves in offering bespoke procurement solutions for our clients, and the key to this is giving you the best advice. Utilitas can undertake an invoice audit with your current water supplier. If we identify any billing inaccuracies, overcharges, or issues with your water supply, we can liaise with the suppliers on your behalf to resolve them. We will also check if the prices that you are currently paying are competitive, if not we can recommend an alternative supplier and place the contract on your behalf. However, if you are already achieving the best price, we will simply keep an eye on the market for you until more competitive pricing is available.

Here at Utilitas, we are keeping a close eye on changes to the water market. We already have some great supplier relationships, and are working to build more, so that when the market does fully deregulate (we are told that this should be some time in 2020) we are prepared, and able to offer our customers the most competitive deals.

How we can help your business....

No matter which industry you are in, we have a bespoke procurement solution to meet your needs

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