Water Cost Reduction Services

Water supply has always been a tightly regulated marketplace, meaning that there has historically been very little opportunity to make savings. Yet this doesn’t mean that business users must always pay whatever their supplier invoices them.

Big changes are on the way, however. The water market is due to be deregulated in April 2017, meaning that all businesses will be able to change supplier at will, just as with electricity and gas.

More importantly, if your business uses more than 50,000m3 of water per annum, we can help you to change supplier right now. We will conduct an in-depth analysis of your water expenditure and find you the right deals at the right price. The market is set to become very competitive over the coming months, meaning that you could make some considerable savings.

We’re also adept at reviewing past invoices for erroneous charges, liaising with your supplier to claim a refund should we identify any issues. Billing inaccuracies are not uncommon in the water supply industry, and we’re frequently able to trace errors back over a number of years, claiming substantial rebates.

“Initially, I was sceptical, but had assurances from Eric and Steve that if they could not find any savings the fee for NAS would be zero. As I thought we'd done a very good job in the past, we had nothing to lose. We were extremely pleased at the level of detail they went into and the savings they produced. We have now asked them to look into other areas of spend to see what they can find there.”


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The National Autistic Society

Being a charity, The National Autistic Society are always looking at ways to ensure that the funds raised are used most effectively in support of the children and carers, rather than lost in unnecessary overheads.

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The National Autistic Society Water

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