Energy Market Update

Gas and Electricity prices continue to fall

Gas prices down 12% in February 

• UK gas prices continued to drop in February, driven by milder weather conditions in Europe and fears around coronavirus.

• Export capacity of Liquefied Natural Gas has increased in US over the Winter, which has resulted in lower gas prices.

Electricity prices fell by 7% in February

• Electricity prices continue to follow gas prices downwards. Mild weather conditions and strong wind generation means less demand on fossil fuels, resulting in lower prices

Things to watch out for

  • Wind generation is expected to start reducing, affecting electricity prices across Europe.
  • Coronavirus impact spreading which could lead to greater fears of a global economic slowdown.

Despite the situation with Coronavirus we have a robust plan in place, and are still very much open for business. If you would like to secure your energy contracts now please contact us. 

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